May. 12th, 2003

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Just a small warning...

If you go to Seeking Grace any time between now (OK, an hour or so ago, if you want to get technical) and when I announce that it's actually open for business, don't be surprised to find broken links, random surprises, layouts that look wonky...etc. I was finally able to get the archive software running properly tonight, which means it's time to start pulling all the random pieces together. So I'll be working on it off and on from now until...well, until it's done!

Screencaps will remain available throughout (although I'm going to change the URL for them—probably, today). Various other sections will appear as I complete them. Expect the archive itself to show up last, both because it's the most complicated piece and because its completion really ought to coincide with opening the site for business.

Now I think I'll go get some sleep...
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We have transcripts! I got permission from to host their episode transcripts on Seeking Grace. As of today, transcripts are available for the Pilot, The Great Doctor Brown, Friendly Fire, The Kissing Bridge, Deer God, The Doctor Is In, We Hold These Truths, Till Death Do Us Part, Turf Wars, Is There a Doctor in the House, A Thanksgiving Tale, Vegetative State, The Price of Fame, Colin the Second, and My Funny Valentine.

The main page still doesn't quite look right in anything but Safari, but the rest of the site is looking good. The new url for screen caps is and the transcripts are at (surprise, surprise)

Also, [ profile] aubreyrose just informed me that screencaps for Vegetative State are currently being uploaded, so expect to see those available shortly. Maybe in an hour.

Many thanks to [ profile] foreversmitten for helping me with the links and FAQ pages. Whee, things are getting done!


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