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Episode 1.10, "Is There a Doctor in the House" has been updated with corrections.

New transcripts added are:

As always, all transcripts may be found at:
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Okay, now that SG is up and running and the info there is mostly updated, I want to make a start on putting together resources for Everwood authors. There are...three things, I think, that I could use some help with in the near future:
  1. I'd like to make character reference pages, with relevant info (canon) for each character listed. Anyone feel up to making a start on bios?
  2. A chat with [livejournal.com profile] visbot gave me this idea. Along with the bios, I'd like to organize screencaps so that they're accessible by character as well as by episode. This job would simply require going through all the screencaps and making a list of which ones have which character in them. I'll figure out the logistics of using the information once you give it to me. This would also require going through any new screencaps when they're posted, to update the lists.
  3. Finally, you may or may not remember the Everwood 101 post I wrote up mid-season one. It could use updating. Or even a season two version of it? I'm not sure what form it should take. The main purpose of Everwood 101 was to give people just coming into the show a sense of what had happened up to that point, along with character sketches and the reasons they should be watching. Basically, we were trying to sell the show at the time. It seems like that sort of info is still needed, but maybe for a different purpose...anyone have any ideas and/or want to take this on?

Anyone who's interested in helping out, or who just wants to offer me comments or suggestions, leave a comment below or email me at sg_archive@nodestination.net. Thanks! :)
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At last, the transcripts are as up-to-date as I can make them at the moment. (That is, all the transcripts available at my source are now available on Seeking Grace.)

Earlier transcripts have been updated. I don't know if there are any changes other than cosmetic ones, but if you care about these things you might want to download them again. New transcripts include:
    From season one:
    Snow Job
    The Unveiling
    Fear Itself

    From season two:
    My Brother's Keeper
    East Meets West
    Daddy's Little Girl
    Three Miners From Everwood
    The Burden of Truth
    Just Like in the Movies
    Unhappy Holidays

All of these and more may be found at:

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Woohoo! Guess who's back on the job?

[livejournal.com profile] aubreyrose! She's capping again, and we now have screencaps available from We Hold These Truths and Forget Me Not (that one is last week's episode!). More will be coming soon.

And don't forget that there are also screencaps of many other episodes available.

Hopefully I will have a transcripts announcement for you shortly. :)

ETA: Also, season 2 credits caps were added to the Credits caps page.
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** cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] bus_riders **

It's open.

Without fanfare, Seeking Grace: The Everwood Archive is now open for business.

I spent the weekend upgrading the archive to v.3.1, which means a lot of changes to how stories are formatted for upload. Please read Formatting Text Files for Upload before you attempt to archive a story. The changes are definitely for the better, but will take a little getting used to, probably. :)

There are still a couple of tweaks I need to do to the site (little things that no one but me will probably notice), and the Transcripts need to be updated still. So it's still a bit of a work in progress, but it's open and ready to take your stories!
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New screencaps! [livejournal.com profile] aubreyrose is still plugging away at getting us more caps. Gotta admire the dedication. The latest are from Home, the season finale. Go check them out at http://seekinggrace.nodestination.net/screencaps.php
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New caps! Moonlight Sonata and Episode 20 caps are up now. http://seekinggrace.nodestination.net/screencaps.php

[livejournal.com profile] aubreyrose says she's looking for higher quality copies of episodes 2, 3, and 7, so they may be a little while. But she's working on it! (And you really have to give her credit because now that she's home for the summer? She's on dialup! And still downloading episodes and doing caps for us! Hmm. On the other hand, I'm ALWAYS on dialup. *g*)
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New caps! Everwood Confidential and Turf Wars screencaps are available now at http://seekinggrace.nodestination.net/screencaps.php

Progress is being made on the website. Many thanks to those who are uploading fic and sending me feedback. Any suggestions and comments are much appreciated. I have a few changes to work into the site and some finishing touches to put on getting the mailing lists set up, and then the site will go live. I expect that to happen in less than a week. Keep an eye out here for the announcement! :)
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Colin the Second screencaps are up! http://seekinggrace.nodestination.net/screencaps.php

Also, I really need people to test out the archive portion of the site! Please? Upload a story or two, try out the search capabilities...give me some feedback? I have no idea what people are thinking about it at this point and only one person (outside of two friends that I practically forced to do it) has uploaded a story. Hard to test useability when no one is using it. :( http://seekinggrace.nodestination.net/archive.php
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New screencaps are up! Deer God and The Doctor Is In caps are now available on Seeking Grace. http://seekinggrace.nodestination.net/screencaps.php

Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] aubreyrose!
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Seeking Grace is open for beta testing!

Whew! I've had a couple of insanely productive days. Please go check it out, try out the archive. Try uploading fic. Try reading fic. Beat on it, find where it's broken. (Because, really? It almost HAS to be broken somewhere!)

A few caveats:

1) There are two sections that aren't up yet ("about seeking grace" and "resources"), so don't bother telling me that the links are broken, OK? *g*

2) The site is not technically "open for business" yet, even though it looks like it is. I would *love* to hear comments, and I definitely want to know if things don't work as they should or as you expect. But don't expect the site to be perfect yet. I know it isn't.

3) Since some things are likely to change during beta testing (and, in fact, already have, as you'll see if you click on the three fics that are currently archived), I will be deleting the entire database just before the site is officially open. So don't look at this time as a way to get your stories archived early.

All that said, PLEASE do go try out the site. It's the only way I'll know if it's working. And if it's working for YOU. Thanks!!

Any comments/questions/problem reports can be left here in comments or emailed to me at shelley@nodestination.net.
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OK, I'm setting up the archive software, which is designed to have a mailing list associated with it. So it got me to wondering...do we want a mailing list? I was advised to ask the interested parties for their opinions. So I made a poll!

[Poll #134637]

Finally, one last question that I thought I'd leave out of the poll and let you leave a comment for:

If we do create a mailing list, where should it be hosted? I have the capability to create mailing lists with my webhost, so that's one option. Advantages: might be simpler for me; not Yahoo. Or we could use YahooGroups. Advantages: might be simpler for everyone else because it IS Yahoo. Or we could use some other list site. Suggestions?
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We have transcripts! I got permission from EverwoodScripts.Tripod.com to host their episode transcripts on Seeking Grace. As of today, transcripts are available for the Pilot, The Great Doctor Brown, Friendly Fire, The Kissing Bridge, Deer God, The Doctor Is In, We Hold These Truths, Till Death Do Us Part, Turf Wars, Is There a Doctor in the House, A Thanksgiving Tale, Vegetative State, The Price of Fame, Colin the Second, and My Funny Valentine.

The main page still doesn't quite look right in anything but Safari, but the rest of the site is looking good. The new url for screen caps is http://seekinggrace.nodestination.net/screencaps.php and the transcripts are at (surprise, surprise) http://seekinggrace.nodestination.net/transcripts.php

Also, [livejournal.com profile] aubreyrose just informed me that screencaps for Vegetative State are currently being uploaded, so expect to see those available shortly. Maybe in an hour.

Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] foreversmitten for helping me with the links and FAQ pages. Whee, things are getting done!
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Just a small warning...

If you go to Seeking Grace any time between now (OK, an hour or so ago, if you want to get technical) and when I announce that it's actually open for business, don't be surprised to find broken links, random surprises, layouts that look wonky...etc. I was finally able to get the archive software running properly tonight, which means it's time to start pulling all the random pieces together. So I'll be working on it off and on from now until...well, until it's done!

Screencaps will remain available throughout (although I'm going to change the URL for them—probably tomorrow...er, today). Various other sections will appear as I complete them. Expect the archive itself to show up last, both because it's the most complicated piece and because its completion really ought to coincide with opening the site for business.

Now I think I'll go get some sleep...
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New screencaps! My Funny Valentine was added this evening. *loves [livejournal.com profile] aubreyrose* http://seekinggrace.nodestination.net/caps/
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I just want to post quickly to say thank you to the fabulous LJ fairy who (anonymously) bought two months of paid time for [livejournal.com profile] sg_archive! I did a little bit of customizing this morning, so the community now has a banner to go with the pretty colors. As soon as I get the chance, I'll make the community match the site. For now, I'll just drool over [livejournal.com profile] aubreyrose's beautiful banner.

Thanks again!! :)
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Caps are up for Till Death Do Us Part! I also made some changes to the way the main index page displays for the screencaps, and added a page for caps of Everwood locations. :) http://seekinggrace.nodestination.net/caps/
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Welcome to the announcement community for Seeking Grace: The Everwood Archive! The site isn't quite ready for prime time yet, but I am making progress. Just thought I'd post a quick note here (the first one!) to say that there are screencaps available on the site. So far, we have the credits, the pilot, The Kissing Bridge, Is There a Doctor in the House, A Thanksgiving Tale, The Price of Fame, Snow Job, The Unveiling, and Miracle of Everwood.

You can view and download the screencaps (and get a preview of how the site is going to look, although there are still details to add) at http://seekinggrace.nodestination.net/caps/

And let's not forget to thank [livejournal.com profile] aubreyrose for making and uploading all the screencaps AND for making the graphics for the site!

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