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Colin the Second screencaps are up!

Also, I really need people to test out the archive portion of the site! Please? Upload a story or two, try out the search capabilities...give me some feedback? I have no idea what people are thinking about it at this point and only one person (outside of two friends that I practically forced to do it) has uploaded a story. Hard to test useability when no one is using it. :(

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It uploads the story fine. I go to the story page to check the story, but when I click the Back button, it doesn't take me back to the Upload Successful page or the Posting Interface to upload another story. It takes me to a page of gibberish. Pressing Refresh gives me a blank page. I know that there's a setting that you have to change early on in the script installation to make this work but I don't remember what it is - but I know it's listed in the instructions at the site

I like the layout of the story page once it's posted.

I'd like to see the characters/rating/warning etc at the top of the page, just because a lot of times I copy and paste these into word to print out or to read later or even to burn to CD and that makes it a lot easier to catalog. Plus, if someone links to that story page as a rec from a recs page or LJ, they don't usually include that information.

Off to test search pages now.

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Testing Search Interface. There's a bug in the Pairings to Exclude section - you might have mentioned it in your FAQ, but nobody ever reads FAQs (including me LOL). When you click on Pairings to Exclude, if you select two pairings that have the same name in them (for example Colin/Ephram and Colin/Bright) they cancel each other out and you will get all Colin/ pairings returned. This will freak people out. You should mention it right there in that space.

I did all kinds of mean things to it and I wasn't able to break it so I think you're good to go.

What I mentioned before with not being able to use the Back button on the browser to go back from the fic pages - make sure you have links at the bottom of the story so that people can go back to the main or search pages from the story page. Otherwise people are going to go in, search, read one story, hit Back, and then freak out.

I uploaded two of Ivy's Narnia fics b/c I happened to have them on my hard drive in txt. So make sure you really are going to purge LOL :)