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Seeking Grace is open for beta testing!

Whew! I've had a couple of insanely productive days. Please go check it out, try out the archive. Try uploading fic. Try reading fic. Beat on it, find where it's broken. (Because, really? It almost HAS to be broken somewhere!)

A few caveats:

1) There are two sections that aren't up yet ("about seeking grace" and "resources"), so don't bother telling me that the links are broken, OK? *g*

2) The site is not technically "open for business" yet, even though it looks like it is. I would *love* to hear comments, and I definitely want to know if things don't work as they should or as you expect. But don't expect the site to be perfect yet. I know it isn't.

3) Since some things are likely to change during beta testing (and, in fact, already have, as you'll see if you click on the three fics that are currently archived), I will be deleting the entire database just before the site is officially open. So don't look at this time as a way to get your stories archived early.

All that said, PLEASE do go try out the site. It's the only way I'll know if it's working. And if it's working for YOU. Thanks!!

Any comments/questions/problem reports can be left here in comments or emailed to me at

What a pretty, shiny new archive:)

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Took a look around, and am very impressed. I do have one suggestion, though. Can you make the default font size bigger? It's really kind of small for those of us with not so great vision. Other archives, like the SSA, for instance, are quite readable.

Assuming the fic submitted stays as good as what I've read so far, I plan to spent a lot of time at SG, and would prefer not to get headaches.