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Okay, now that SG is up and running and the info there is mostly updated, I want to make a start on putting together resources for Everwood authors. There are...three things, I think, that I could use some help with in the near future:
  1. I'd like to make character reference pages, with relevant info (canon) for each character listed. Anyone feel up to making a start on bios?
  2. A chat with [livejournal.com profile] visbot gave me this idea. Along with the bios, I'd like to organize screencaps so that they're accessible by character as well as by episode. This job would simply require going through all the screencaps and making a list of which ones have which character in them. I'll figure out the logistics of using the information once you give it to me. This would also require going through any new screencaps when they're posted, to update the lists.
  3. Finally, you may or may not remember the Everwood 101 post I wrote up mid-season one. It could use updating. Or even a season two version of it? I'm not sure what form it should take. The main purpose of Everwood 101 was to give people just coming into the show a sense of what had happened up to that point, along with character sketches and the reasons they should be watching. Basically, we were trying to sell the show at the time. It seems like that sort of info is still needed, but maybe for a different purpose...anyone have any ideas and/or want to take this on?

Anyone who's interested in helping out, or who just wants to offer me comments or suggestions, leave a comment below or email me at sg_archive@nodestination.net. Thanks! :)
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